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ABC of Wines is offering membership of wine club.

ABC of wines will conduct different type of wine tastings.

Via Zoom where prior to the tasting samples of the wines to be presented will be sent to your private house. A date, time will be given and we will be going on line to have the tasting done by myself or other professional. Questions will be asked etc…

A selected restaurant maybe used to make possibility to do pairing at the same time as tasting wines. Remember most of the wine consume in the world is with food.

I always say that the wine is the second sauce of a dish!

At year end we will have opportunity to have a special function where all members will be able to take part. Remember we are sharing the same passion.

More information will come after 3 months of the start of the website.

Each month the website will present a specific cultivar or style of wine and a of ABC of Wines under that label will be on Special.

How I see a wine tasting, what you should be looking for to help you to become a good taster.

Thanks for submitting!

Hand holding decanter while pouring red wine
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