ABC of Wines (Pty) Ltd proudly offers the following services:

Hospitality Management

  • Staff training at restaurants (how to open a bottle of wine, using the right glasses, serve the wine at the right temperature, etc)

  • Basic wine knowledge and the main different cultivars

  • Wine pairing by introducing which wines pairs best with the food available on the menu

  • Understanding how to create a wine list related to the restaurant's main clientele

  • Management training for beverage managers (wine and bar stock control, costing of beverages, wastage on drinks especially by when selling wine by the glass

  • H.R. management, staff relationships between front and kitchen staff and ultimately training towards excellence

  • Temporary management replacement (for example when a manager is sick or goes on leave, etc)

  • Training sommeliers on-site during shifts

Wine Farms & Wine Distribution

  • Providing staff who are involved with sales/marketing with knowledge of wine 

  • Creating and providing services for wine shows
         >  Personally attend the shows, to serve the customers and to give the correct information on the wine serve
    Accept credit card payments at shows as ABC of Wines has access to Yoco payment machine (3% surcharge fees sales)
    To help to created branded wine shows
    Create wine tastings with specific themes

  • Conducting tastings as well as food and wine pairings for wine clubs or private functions

  • Master of Ceremony for special function

  • Lecturer at hotel schools /colleges and restaurant or wine institutions

  • Create specialised wine lists individual for each establishment

  • Wine promotions at restaurants and liquor stores

Sales of Wine and Spirit

  • Sell wines and other spirits on behalf of wine farms / companies

  • Sell stock on behalf of owners of private cellars which have been stored in a good condition